Responsible Business

Responsible Business
Responsible business is smart business.

From eco-friendly packaging to fair labor practices, Standard Fiber believes that responsible business is also smart business. Through our efforts to create sustainable products, embrace responsible work practices, and ensure safe, healthy work environments, we see a tremendous opportunity to positively impact the bedding industry.


Throughout the world, Standard Fiber maintains working and contractual relationships with a host of global operators for design, manufacturing and more. Our expectations and requirements of these vendors is that they comply with all laws applicable to the goods and services they provide, including those relating to the environment, employment health and safety, and the transportation or storage of hazardous materials. We also require that they observe best industry practices in a manner that is consistent with all applicable and relevant international standards.

From time to time, we request our vendors verify that the certifications, representations, and warranties they claim are current and in good standing. Furthermore, our facilities have been inspected and approved by all the major U.S. retailers for workplace compliance.

Safe Workplace

Standard Fiber realizes that being a leader in our industry comes with the responsibility of ensuring our vendors uphold the highest standards in providing safe, fair, compliant, and nurturing work environments. We mandate that all factories we use for our products be safe, clean, ventilated, well-lit, and healthy facilities.

We expect our vendors to comply with all applicable laws governing occupational safety, compensation, work hours, health and employee benefits, including management employing polices that recognize the dignity and rights of their workers and provide an environment free of hazards and abuse.

Standard Fiber assesses the health, safety, and working conditions of these facilities on a regular basis, upholding a strict policy that specifies stringent international labor standards related to health and safety, non-discrimination, freedom of association, child or forced labor, wages and overtime as well as environmental responsibility.

Eco-Friendly Options

As raw materials such as cotton and fiber-fill are key to many of the products we sell, Standard Fiber makes a conscious effort to promote environmental sustainability and conservation at every level. We embrace opportunities to create innovative, high performance bedding products that integrate fabrics, fibers, and technologies that are natural, organic, and/or comprised of environmentally preferred materials, including fibers regenerated from recycled sources. The vast majority of our polyester fiber fills are regenerated from recycled water and beverage bottles.

We diligently work with our customers to meet their specifications in providing products along with packaging that utilize eco-friendly materials. Whether this includes efforts to minimize paper usage and unnecessary packaging materials or maximize the use of recycled fiber products, our goal is to work in a manner the complements the socially responsible efforts of our customers.

Environmental Footprint

Standard Fiber has always regarded efficiency and waste reduction as smart business, particularly in our manufacturing processes. We are acutely interested in incorporating sustainable solutions into our business operations that are designed to help reduce waste, conserve water, increase our energy efficiency, and reuse or recycle materials.

One of our mandates in working with outside vendors is they implement various programs and systems to minimize and manage their potential impact on the environment. This includes efforts to ensure the proper handling and disposal of wastewater and potentially hazardous materials from their factories and facilities.

When appropriate and available, we partner with suppliers to ensure that excessive packaging materials are eliminated and that packaging elements are recycled or re-used. We offer biodegradable shipping materials and encourage recycling in all of our vendor facilities.

Beyond our policy with our vendors, Standard Fiber recycles a variety of the materials used throughout our company. We make best use of recycled cardboard, plastic materials, paper and more. Such programs make it possible for us to continue mitigating our environmental impact and promote conservation in all of our business lines.

Commitment to the Community

The production facilities Standard Fiber uses employ over 3,800 people in developing regions located throughout central and eastern China. Our company is committed to bringing new opportunities and growth to these areas and we regularly seek opportunities to sponsor initiatives that may enhance the quality of life for these employees and positively impact their communities.

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