Offer the promise of lasting cleanliness and freshness.

Add value – plus the promise of lasting cleanliness and freshness - with the anti-microbial protection of Silpure®, a Thompson Research technology. Silpure is the first commercially viable treatment for textiles that employs the advanced, proven anti-bacterial properties of silver. By reducing metallic silver to ultra-fine particles that easily adhere to fabrics, Silpure provides state-of-the-art protection against the development of odor-causing bacteria. Applied in the finishing stage, it adheres to the fiber of the fabric; it’s a great treatment for sheets, mattress covers, and draperies. Long-lasting and resistant, Silpure stays put, even after several washes.

Silpure Benefits

  • Advanced anti-microbial protection - Protects fabrics against bacteria, mold, mildew, and fungus using advanced silver technology
  • Lasting freshness – Eliminates odors by controlling bacteria that cause the problem
  • Permanent and washable – Provides lasting bacteria control, even on resilient fabrics such as polyester, even after several washes
  • Safe and compatible with other technologies – U.S. EPA registered and Öeko-Tex listed

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