INVISTA™ Stainmaster

Invista Stainmaster
Premium protection from a trusted brand.

Whether it’s a splash of coffee or an entire glass of Cabernet, accidents and spills are no match for INVISTA™ Stainmaster fabric treatments. From waterproof mattress pads to plush, durable pillows and comforters, Stainmaster dual-action technology resists and releases stains while providing superior comfort and durability that lasts. A Standard Fiber exclusive in North America and China, Stainmaster technology is available for most fabrics and recommended for premium products with a 300-thread count or higher.

INVISTA™ Stainmaster Benefits

  • Easy care protection – Resists and releases stains
  • Improves durability – Enhances value with long lasting protection that extends the life of the fabrics
  • Superior comfort – Versatile, pliant, and specially formulated to keep fabrics naturally soft and comfortable
  • Brand recognition – Stainmaster offers high consumer awareness thanks to their dominant position in carpets and rugs

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