Nano-Tex® Releases Stains

Stain resistance that is irresistibly resist-able.

Using an innovative process that builds stain resistance into the individual fibers using nanotechnology, Nano-Tex® Releases Stain can take the cake (or even tomato sauce) – and wash it clean. From duvets to draperies, basic bedding to bed sheets, Releases Stains is compatible with most fabrics, keeping them clean and beautiful, longer.

Nano-Tex Releases Stains Benefits

  • Resists spills – Wash after wash, fabrics come clean and look great without sacrificing softness or absorbency
  • Keeps bedding beautiful, longer – Offers long lasting protection while extending the life of the fabric
  • Soft and comfortable – Retains the fabric's natural softness and allows it to breathe naturallyReleases Stains

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