Nano-Tex® Resists Spills

Liquids roll off even the toughest spills.

Leveraging the latest in nanotechnology, Nano-Tex® Resists Spills fundamentally transforms the individual fibers of a fabric, enabling them to withstand even the toughest of spills - without sacrificing softness or durability. Whether the spill is big or small, liquids roll off the fabric. From decorative pillows and dust ruffles to duvet covers and comforters, Resists Spills is compatible with most types of fabrics and ideal for decorative bedding and accessories.

Nano-Tex Resists Spills Benefits

  • Repels liquids – Liquids roll right off the fabric, outperforming other conventional brands
  • Keeps bedding beautiful, longer – Offers long lasting protection while extending the life of the fabric
  • Cool and comfortable – Retains fabric's natural softness and allows fabric to breathe naturally
  • Skin friendly and safe – Tested and certified Öeko-Tex Standard 100 compliantResists Spills

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