Down & Feather

Down and Feather
Naturally warm, naturally wonderful.

Discover the upsides of down. Whether it is a premium goose down comforter with an 90% cluster or a pillow constructed of a 50/50 duck down and feather blend, Standard Fiber can provide you with a wide variety of down and feather fills including hypoallergenic options uniquely formulated according to your desired weight, fill power, and down-to-feather ratio.

Our exclusive Down Plus fill is a unique combination of down blended with microfiber polyester, resulting in an irresistibly soft, warm and economical fill that’s ideal for pillows, comforters and duvets, and feather beds.

Standard Fiber’s down and feather factory is registered and meets U.S. standards and guidelines. All of our down and feather fills undergo a 12-step cleaning process that includes laundering at 40°C, multiple rinses and a final sterilization/deodorization process. Finally, the down and feathers are dried at 110-130°C. Before use in our bedding products, the down & feather fills are tested to ensure conformity to requirements for:

  • Fill power
  • Turbidity
  • Oil & fat content
  • Oxygen content
  • Moisture content
  • Odor
Clean and hygienic, our down and feather fills are independently tested and approved by the International Down and Feather Lab (IDFL) before shipping from China.

Down & Feather Benefits

  • Naturally light and insulating Conserves body heat
  • Breathable Down clusters circulate air and do not trap perspiration or moisture
  • Requires minimal maintenance Stays fresh and smelling clean with just vigorous shake and the occasional airing
  • Comfortable year round Offers warmth when it’s cold and keeps cool when it’s warm
  • A smart investment for your customers Properly cared for, a down and feather comforter will last for years

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