Polyester Fill
Plush padding that keeps your bottom line in mind.

Is it synthetic or is it down? Thanks to today’s cutting-edge technologies, it may be tough to tell the difference. Commonly known as “down alternatives”, Standard Fiber’s polyester fills are less expensive than down, but share similar performance benefits. From polyester batting to fluffy cluster fibers, these fills are ideal for creating easy-to-care-for, allergy-free bedding solutions.

Polyester Benefits

  • Practical and cost efficient – Polyester fills are typically less expensive to produce than down and feather or microfiber fills
  • Hypoallergenic – Polyester fills are ideal for products designed for allergy sensitive sleepers
  • Easy-to-care-for – Wash it, dry it - when it comes to easy maintenance, polyester fills are tough to beat
  • Siliconized finish – Adding a silicon finish to polyester fills provides a slick hand similar to down and feather fills

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