Standard Fiber Pillows
Help ensure a good night’s sleep with Standard Fiber pillow products.

Standard Fiber is one of the industry’s leading pillow providers. We manufacture a wide array of styles, sizes, and designs that are available in unlimited combinations of fabrics and finishes. From signature hypoallergenic down alternatives to our top-selling patented corner gusset and oval gusset designs, we offer a wide variety of options, all specially fabricated and designed to accommodate your desired level of support, softness, and comfort.

Our product offering includes:



Machine-washable and durably constructed, Standard Fiber’s poly-fill pillows are cutting edge, easy to care for, non-allergenic, and feather free. Fills range from 0.9 denier micro-fiber for down-like feel to 15 denier conjugated fiber for maximum loft resilience. Fills can be either blown (micro-fiber and poly cluster balls) or garneted (6D and up).

Down and Feather

Down & Feather

From hand-harvested Hungarian goose-down pillows to our more cost-effective Down Around design, Standard Fiber ‘s down and feather options include a full range of down cluster grades and feather sizes for every price point.

Soft Touch

Soft Touch

Luxurious and allergy-free, our Soft Touch patented construction uses a layer of plush polyester batting to line the fabric and mimic the feel of a feather-filled product. The polyester lining protects and pads, making it an ideal lining for feather-filled pillows, comforters, mattress pads, featherbeds, blankets.

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