Customer Service

What can you expect when working with Standard Fiber? Superior customer service. It comes standard with all of our products. From our initial meeting or phone call to the moment the product reaches your customers, Standard Fiber is with you every step of the way.

The Standard Fiber Difference:

1. A Fully Integrated Working Relationship
From design to development to delivery, Standard Fiber believes in working closely with our clients. We take the time to hear and understand your product needs and objectives. Then we work with you – pinpointing the right combination of quality, functionality, and price - to fabricate winning bedding products that do more than satisfy your business requirements – they exceed them.

2. A Seamless Supply Chain
Standard Fiber offers a seamless supply chain from the world of textile production in Asia, delivered right to your doorstep. Even before you place a purchase order, we are planning fabric supplies to anticipate your needs. Once an order is placed, we constantly track the progress, balance production constraints, manage shipping logistics and arrange customs processing - all to ensure your products arrive on time, exactly as you ordered them.

3. Two-Way Communication
At Standard Fiber, communication is never a one-way street. Not only do we listen to your needs, we also are in tune to what’s happening in the industry and proactive in making recommendations. Be it a new fabric, new product idea, or a new technology, we embrace opportunities to explore, share, and collaborate with our clients to develop new directions in our field.

4. Prompt Response Times
Central to Standard Fiber’s East-meets-West approach is a sophisticated, custom-developed IT system that provides seamless management and round-the-clock customer service between China production and our U.S. customers. Typically our response times are the following:

  • Price inquiries - within 3 days
  • Sample requests – 1-2 weeks
  • Production of orders – 8 weeks, FOB Shanghai
Our expeditious turn-around enhances your ability to quickly respond to market opportunities, which is great for your customers - and perhaps not so great for your competition.

5. Real-Time Technical Support & Consulting
Standard Fiber supports an informed and knowledgeable team of experienced commercial textile professionals. We can answer your questions, provide suggestions and solutions, and help finalize your product designs with rapid and thoughtful responses.

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